Obenauf’s Industrial Strength Boot Laces 108″


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Industrial Strength Boot Laces Beeswax Coated & Protected

  • Reduce Eyelet Wear
  • Resist Water, Dry Rot, Fraying, and Heat
  • Last Longer
  • Stay Tied to Stay Safe

Obenauf's Industrial Strength Boot Laces Make The Best Replacements

A rugged boot lace, specially woven to include more strands in a tighter weave, to endure rough wear. This strong solid construction will not unravel or break like many other laces that come in your hiking or work boots, meaning you can use these replacement boot laces longer.* Our rugged boot laces are waxed, black in color, and sold in five popular work boot sizes. Keep a pair of our industrial strength boot laces on hand as a replacement, to help you stay safe at work or play.

Why Obenauf's® Waxed Boot Laces Last Longer
What makes our waxed boot laces better?

  • We use real beeswax, not flake-off, paraffin wax coatings.
  • Hand dipped in natural oils, resins, and beeswax, our industrial strength boot laces resist: water, dry rot, fraying, heat, mildew, and chemicals.
  • This beeswax & oil dipping not only protects the boot lace itself, but also protects the eyelets on your boots by reducing the wear caused from every day use and walking.
  • Unlike plain boot or shoelaces, waxed boot laces stay tied throughout the day. They keep your work and hiking boots secure and comfortable.
  • Obenauf's waxed boot laces are hand dipped in our own formula right here in Idaho, creating our industrial strength boot laces!

* If your boot lace appears to fail prematurely, check your eyelets for sharp edges. Sharp edges or burs on your metal grommet (eyelet) could be cutting into your lace. A cobbler may be able to replace worn eyelets.

General Sizing Chart for Obenauf's® Waxed Boot Laces

This is a general guide only. Boot lace sizing varies dependent on boot construction. For example, some hiking boots may actually require a 72 inch boot lace due to additional eyehooks or distance between eyelets. Also, if you have a 10 inch high boot which has 13 eyelet pairs, buy the lace length that matches the number of eyelet pairs. To achieve the best results when replacing laces, measure the length of your old laces. When that length is in between our sizes, we recommend choosing the shorter length for most applications.


General Boot Type Boot Height Eyelet/Eyehooks Lace Size
Hiking Boot 6 Inch 6 to 7 54 Inch
Hunting Boot 8 Inch 8 to 9 63 Inch
Firefighter's Boot 10 Inch 10 to 11 72 Inch
Logger's Boot 12 Inch 12 to 13 90 Inch
Lineman's Boot 14 Inch Up 14 to 15 108 Inch



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